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  • CONTACT E-MAIL info@pontem.org.ba
  • ADDRESS ZENICA Mokušnice 9A, Zenica​
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Project Summary

Core EMpower

Strengthening Organizational Capacities and Advocacy Activities

First ACT of the project includes:

1. Creating Registry of Social Pedagogues in Bosnia and Herzegovina – involves creating a registry to establish a unified record, enabling better coordination and support for social pedagogues throughout the country.
2. Community of Practice Network – entails creating digital community hubs for quick exchange of experiences and resources among helpers, enhancing the quality of support.
3. Needs Assesment of Social Pedagogues in Bosnia and Herzegovina – with the aim of advocating for social pedagogy and presenting real needs, the CEM project plans to conduct research and assess the needs of social pedagogues. 
4. Advocacy and Intersectoral Collaboration – includes advocacy activities with decision-makers and institutions to recognize social pedagogy as a helping profession and enhance the position of professionals. 

Empowering and Supporting Young Helpers

Second ACT of the project includes:

1. Research Camp – will include practical learning and research for young helpers/social pedagogues, delving deeper into the world of science to develop motivation for their scientific engagement, understanding the importance of science and critical thinking, and advocating with evidence.
2. Workshops for Young People on Project Writing, Implementation, and Evaluation in Helping Professions – covers theoretical and practical workshops. Through these workshops, young helpers will develop skills to respond to community challenges.
3. Career Counseling – includes support and guidance for young people in the local community as a concrete form of socio-pedagogical intervention.

Biographical Activism

Third ACT of the project includes:

1. Stories of Social Inclusion Ambassadors – this activity involves biographical articles about local heroes and ambassadors of inclusion to inspire and motivate young helpers and the entire community through examples of successful helpers and their contributions to society. 

Project Outcomes

Core EMpower

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