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  • CONTACT E-MAIL info@pontem.org.ba
  • ADDRESS ZENICA Mokušnice 9A, Zenica​
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Appreciating the current Statute, any adult who aligns their actions with the ethical and methodological principles of the association and finds their activities oriented towards the theory and practice of social pedagogy and sociopedagogical concepts can become a member of the National Association for Social Pedagogy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Membership can be regular, honorary, or volunteer.

  • Becoming a regular member is achieved by completing the application form and paying the annual membership fee. Members have the right to vote, be elected to the Association’s bodies, and participate in its management and other activities. In addition to respecting and adhering to the Statute’s provisions, a significant obligation of regular members is to actively contribute to achieving the Association’s goals and activities.
  • An honorary member can be an individual whose actions have significantly contributed to the development and realization of the Association’s goals or who has made a significant contribution to the development of the concept of social pedagogy, theory, and practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Honorary members are appointed by the Association’s President with their prior consent. Honorary members cannot vote or be elected to the Association’s bodies.
  • A volunteer is a member of the Association who cannot vote or be elected to the Association’s bodies but can participate in activities aimed at achieving the Association’s goals and activities. Volunteer members are not required to pay an annual membership fee.

Opportunity for change, impact and contribution

Becoming a part of our community

What can you expect from membership in our association?


Your voice and ideas matter. You will be part of a team actively involved in creating programs, initiatives, and policies focused on youth and social pedagogy.

Education and Development

Through our training, seminars, and workshops, you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of social pedagogy and working with young people.

Networking and Collaboration

You will become part of a network of experts and enthusiasts with whom you can exchange experiences, collaborate on projects, and establish new connections.

Community Contribution

Through our initiatives and projects, you will be part of positive changes in the community, providing support to young people and addressing social challenges.

What do you receive during your one-year membership in our association?

Regular updates and information

You will be informed about all our activities, projects, and initiatives.

Acces to exclusive resources

You will have access to materials, research, and information in the field of social pedagogy and working with young people.

Participation in projects

You will have the opportunity to participate in projects that will provide you with practical experience and a chance to contribute to the community.

Leadership and management opportunities

You will have the opportunity to participate in the management and leadership of our activities.